Mto wa Mbo | Arusha City | Hadzabe | Datoga | Coffee Plantation | Farm Tour

Visit several of the unique cultural highlights of Northern Tanzania.

Day 1- Mto wa Mbo & Arusha City Tour

Mto wa Mbo is a cultural center filled with several local craftsmen and women.  Walk through a guided experience of banana beer making, wood carving, banana plantation, and traditional painting.

The City of Arusha has many wonderful cultural activities.  Choose from a Spice tour, local market tour, museum tours, or the Cultural Heritage Centre.  Mix and match these mini-adventures to have a full day experience in the city.

Day 2- Hadzabe & Datoga Tribe Excursions

The Hadzabe bushmen live in groups and both hunt with bows and arrows and gather roots, tubers, and wild fruits, much as humankind lived in the Stone Age.  They are also nomadic and move from place to place, depending on the availability of the animals around their camps.  They typically hunt baboons, monkeys, kudus, dik-diks, elands, and birds.  They do not, however, hunt hyenas and vultures because of deeply-held cultural beliefs.  The distance between these groups depends on the landscape and the availability of wild animals.  They live in small thatched houses during the dry season and in caves in the wet season.

The Datoga Tribe are expert blacksmiths.  They are skilled craftsmen who use scrap metal to forge pieces of jewelry, along with weapons and arrow heads, used locally by other tribes.  They also keep goats, sheeps, cattle, donkeys, and a few chickens.  They were formerly nomadic, but now many of their groups farm plots of maize, beans, millet, and similar crops.

You will be able to try forging metal and practicing your bow-and-arrow skills!

Day 3- Coffee Plantation & Karatu Farm Tour

Walk through the process of bean to cup with our coffee plantation tours.  Our guide will show you every step of the sensory experience of touch, taste, and smell.

Later, see how local Karatu farmers grow and maintain their crops. You will be able to participate in the process!



Pick up and drop off at your desired location.  This tour would be best for travelers staying in Arusha, Karatu, Tarangire, or coming in from Kilimanjaro International Airport.  Included: private safari driver, cultural tours, full room and board (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and lodge accommodations), and bottled water.  Be sure to call or email us to customize your Off Season Adventures experience!

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