Our Founder: Tanner C. Knorr

The first time I traveled to Tanzania was through my Master’s degree at Boston University. We went as a group to study the tourism industry of the country, its strengths as an East African safari destination, and its challenges. I immediately fell in love with Tanzania’s stunning cultural and natural wonders, and I knew I had to find a way to send people to come experience the country.

Shortly after my first visit, I was offered a teaching assistant role for Megan Epler Wood’s Harvard Extension School course, Environmental Management of International Tourism Development. I was inspired by the research in the textbook, “Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet” and knew I needed to take action to make the tourism industry more sustainable, not only environmentally, but also for the local communities and destinations. From this experience, I knew that I needed to include carbon offsetting for any tour and investments to ensure that the environmental and cultural assets are maintained for the future.

When I began the initial talks with my main business partner in Tanzania, Dry to Green Adventure, there were more and more articles released about the phenomenon of “overtourism”. I became convinced that when I officially formed my business, I would not focus on the high season or peak season in Tanzania. Travelers are able to see the same wildlife during the off season, but have the added benefits of cheaper pricing, more unique tours, and less tourists in the parks. Who wants to be one of 15 safari vehicles surrounding a single cheetah anyway? Why not come during the off season when you can drive around the parks for hours without seeing another tour group?

During this time, too, the local economy yearns for infusions of capital.  With each traveler we send to Tanzania, we balance the economic discrepancy between the high and low seasons.

I am now focusing on expanding Off Season Adventures into several countries, but still retaining the same core values: promoting unique off season tours, carbon offsetting all aspects of the tours, and reserving 5% of the tour package price for community and environmental investments. Stay tuned for our new destinations, coming soon!

At Off Season Adventures, we give a unique and sustainable experience to all our clients and in any destination we travel.



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