investing in the kakoi community

We have a deep commitment to protecting and preserving the destinations we visit, and building a better world through sustainable travel. In order to protect and preserve this location, we are investing in a project that will provide a year-round source of water to the village of Kakoi and its surrounding communities. You can help by either donating to our partnering 501(c)(3) organization, Second Look Worldwide, or booking an Off Season Adventures experience. 5% of our tours will go towards this initiative.


During Tanzania’s rainy seasons (occurring twice, from November-December and again from March-May), Kakoi has a persistent, natural source of water. However, during the dry season, there is currently no consistent way of retaining that water. During this extended length of time, the people of Kakoi and surrounding communities must walk up to 4-5 miles to the nearest source of clean water. Many companies have come in to help, and some have had a positive, though limited impact. But ultimately, those projects end, the support and equipment leaves, and the communities end up back in the same water-deprived situation. Listen to one of Kakoi’s residents talk about their challenge… 


Off Season Adventures wants to empower the communities by creating a more lasting, year-round solution for Kakoi, two schools, a dispensary, and the surrounding villages of Minjingu, Olasiti, and Vilima Vitatu. In total, this initiative will reach several thousand people. Our goal is to build a dam and water storage facility, which will be connected to the villages and schools through a solar-powered system of pumps and pipes. This four-phased, multi-year project is in its earliest stages, and we estimate a total cost of $35,000 USD to complete it. Consider supporting our cause… a donation as small as $2.25 can bring a year-round supply of water to one person.

Your donations to our partner, Second Look Worldwide, are tax-deductible. 

more than just a safari

Your Off Season Adventures safari will do more than bring you a lifetime of memories. 5% of the total package cost will go into the ongoing funding of the Kakoi Water Project in Tanzania… and ultimately, the protection of Tarangire’s wildlife.

Tarangire’s animals have a year-round source of natural water, which the villagers cannot access because it’s inside the park boundaries. That wildlife also occasionally damages their crops or kills their livestock. When we support local communities through tourism and they see how tours are directly contributing to their well-being, they are encouraged to make an extra effort to protect animals in the area. Rather than harm the wildlife or their environs, they will try to live in harmony and coexist with them. Ultimately, we want our safaris to provide a better life for the communities that share this beautiful land and country.

We offer a variety of Custom Tours that fit a diverse range of travel styles and preferences. Whether you’re in the area and want to do a day trip, or would like to join us on a multi-day expedition focused on culture or conservation, there’s a tour to suit your needs.

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