Experience this stunning half or full day trip to Mulala.  Choose one of the activities for a half day excursion or choose two half day activities for a full day at this wonderful site.

  • Half day: Coffee plantation, banana farm, Marisha river (birds & primates), Mulala village walk, traditional Agape women activities (cheese, bread, chili, honey, sewing), Meru Forest Reserve trek
  • Full Day: Combine two half day tours from above, or Lemeka Hills hike (views of Mt. Meru/Kilimanjaro, visit healer, learn about Meru tribe’s culture, Meru forest, and Marisha River)
DT- Mulala Tour


Tour will depart from Moivaro Coffee Lodge in Arusha at 9am and return to Moivaro Coffee Lodge around 2pm for a half day excursion or 6-7pm for a full day excursion.  Included: private safari driver, hot lunch in Mulala, and bottled water. Breakfast and Dinner may be included at an additional cost.

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