Tunisia Cultural & Archaeological Tour

Join us for the Tunisia Cultural & Archaeological Tour!

8 Day, 7 Night

Embark on this cultural and archaeological journey of the northern part of Tunisia. Explore ancient Carthaginian ruins and other important archaeological sites. Observe the Islamic influence on the art and architecture that is so common in this region. Stay in places that highlight the spectacular mountains, Mediterranian sea views, and urban settings of this beautiful country.

This itinerary is highly recommended for families, both for couples with kids and multi-generational family groups. We are happy to customize any itinerary to better suit your needs. Let’s explore this beautiful country together!

Day 1

Welcome to Tunisia! After arriving at Tunisia-Carthage International airport you will meet a member of the Off Season Adventures’ team and be escorted to your vehicle. You’ll be introduced to your driver and guide and be transferred to your accommodations. You’ll have the rest of the day to explore Tunis or relax at your hotel.

  • Arrive at Tunisia-Carthage International Airport (TUN) and meet a representative of the Off Season Adventures team
  • Transfer to accommodation
  • Afternoon at your leisure
  • Overnight and dinner at Dar Ben Gacem

Day 2

Your first day in Tunisia will be full of exploring! Begin with a visit to The Bardo Museum. Located in a 15th century Beylic palace the museum houses one of the world’s largest collections of ancient mosaics and traces Tunisia’s history over thousands of years. After lunch travel to the ancient city of Carthage. Founded in the 9th century B.C. by the Phoenicians, the city was a major center of trade and influence in the western Mediterranean. Observe Punic ruins like the former citadel and Byrsa Hill, the military center of Carthage. Visit the Thermal Baths of Antonin, the largest from Roman Africa completed under Emperor Antonius. In the late afternoon you will be transferred to the town of Sidi Bou Said.

  • Breakfast at your hotel 
  • Visit the Bardo Museum 
  • Lunch in Tunis Medina 
  • Tour of ancient city of Carthage 
  • Dinner on the town
  • Overnight at Dar Said

Day 3

Today head to the ancient city of Utique. The site is believed to have been founded in 1101 B.C. which is 300 years before Carthage. Next journey to one of the oldest settlements in Tunisia and the northernmost city in Africa, Bizerte. In the afternoon, travel to Tabarka, a small town where the forest meets the ocean. Built at the start of the French Protectorate, the city is well known for the Genoese Fort which overlooks the city and the beaches below. You’ll have time this afternoon to explore the beautiful marina and visit the jewelers who make unique coral pieces.

  • Breakfast at your hotel 
  • Visit to Utique and Bizerte 
  • Lunch in Bizerte
  • Transfer to Tabarka
  • Overnight and dinner at Couleurs Mediterranee

Day 4

On this day you will visit one of the richest and best preserved mature oak forests in the Mediterranean. Amidst the trees you will stumble upon Ain Draham village, with scenes of whitewashed facades and red tile roofs set in an awe-inspiring landscape. Then proceed to visit renowned archeological site Bulla Regia, unique in Tunisia because its domestic architecture was constructed below ground. Here most of the unique mosaics are in the original position. Next you’ll journey to the famous archeological site of Dougga. Overlooking the Wadi Khaled Valley, this UNESCO World Heritage site is full of extraordinary remains of this once prosperous settlement. Finally, be transferred to Kairouan and enjoy dinner on the town. 

  • Breakfast at your hotel 
  • Drive to Ain Drahem 
  • Visit the archaeological sites at Bulla Reggia and Dougga
  • Lunch in Dougga
  • Transfer to Kairouan
  • Overnight at Dar Allani

Day 5

After breakfast, visit Kairouan, the 4th holiest city of Islam where you can find some of the best examples of Islamic architecture, including the Grand Mosque, the oldest and most important Islamic building in North Africa built in AD 672. Next head to the town of El Jem and visit the impressive colosseum. Built between 230 and 238 A.D. it is almost as large as the one in Rome. Enjoy lunch in the coastal city of Mahida before heading to Monastir to visit the Bourguiba’s Mausoleum and Ribat. Have dinner and spend the night in Sousse.

  • Breakfast at your hotel
  • Tour of Kairouan
  • Transfer to El Jem to visit the Coliseum 
  • Lunch in the coastal city of Mahdia
  • Visit Bourguba’s Mausoleum and the Ribat in Monasitr 
  • Transfer to Sousse and dinner on the town
  • Overnight at Dar Antonia

Day 6

Being your day with a visit to the Sousse Archaeological Museum which houses important collections of pottery, sculptures, and mosaics from the Roman, Punic, and early Christian periods. Then head to the Medina which is largely untouched by time and is one of the best examples of original Arab architecture. After lunch, travel to the coastal town of Hammamet, a once fortified village. The city is now a popular destination full of several activities to immerse yourself in culture, history, and nature. The afternoon and evening is at your leisure to explore the marina and medina of the city.

  • Breakfast at your hotel
  • Tour of the highlights of Sousse, The Sahel Capital
  • Transfer to Hammamet
  • Lunch
  • Visit the marina and medina of Hammamet
  • Dinner on the town
  • Overnight at Dar Phoencia

Day 7

Today head to the old town of Hammamet to see the colorful pottery of this city is known for. After you have had time to browse and buy some unique souvenirs, begin your transfer to El Haouaria. Along the way you’ll make stops at the archaeological site of Kerkouane and the fishing port of Kelibia. Enjoy lunch in El Haouaria and admire the incredible panoramic views of this coastal town. Next head to the Grottes cave system. Created by years of digging to build projects like the colosseums in Rome and El Jem, the cave system is a beautiful site along the coast. Enjoy dinner on the town in Hammamet.

  • Breakfast at your hotel
  • Visit the old town of Hammamet and their famous pottery
  • Tour Kelibia, a 12th century fort and fishing village
  • Visit to Carthaginian city of Kerkouance
  • Transfer to El Haoarua
  • Lunch with a beautiful panoramic view 
  • Visit to the Grottes 
  • Dinner on the town in Hammamet
  • Overnight at Dar Phoencia

Day 8

Today marks the end of your Tunisia journey! After breakfast, you will be transferred to the Tunisia-Carthage airport for your flight home.

  • Breakfast at your hotel
  • Transfer to Tunisia-Carthage International Airport (TUN)

We are happy to customize additional day excursions before or after this tour if you want to get more out of your journey.

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  • Your local, experienced driver with many years of guiding tours in Tunisia
  • Lodging in Tunisia on a full room and board basis
  • All cultural activities and excursions on itinerary
  • Contribution to the 501(c)(3) organization Second Look Worldwide
  • Beverages while in transit, excluding while in the airports
  • Driver transfers to and from airports
  • Wire Transfer and other banking fees

What’s Not Included?

  • International flights to & from Tunisia
  • Tips for your drivers, tour guides, and lodges, highly encouraged
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Traveler’s Insurance, highly encouraged
  • Souvenirs and gifts
  • Baggage weight overages, if applicable
  • Any incidental expenses


Dar Ben Gacem: 1 night, Bed & Breakfast Basis

Dar Said: 1 night, Full Room & Board Basis

Dar Allani: 1 night, Full Room & Board Basis

Dar Antonia: 1 night, Full Room & Board Basis

Dar Phoencia: 3 nights, Full Room & Board Basis

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