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Responsible Travel Policy

Mission & Vision

At Off Season Adventures, we are dedicated to providing memorable and delightful experiences to travelers while respecting the local communities and environments of each destination we visit.

We aim to encourage a different kind of adventure – starting with our focus on traveling during the off season. Our experiences are unique, off-the-beaten-path, and immersive opportunities that steer travelers away from the ordinary tourist drags. We strive for complete sustainability in our endeavors, taking into account the long-term effects of travel on a destination. We work closely with our local partners to ensure that travelers are respectfully visiting in a way that showcases authentic experiences.

Our goal is to provide lasting, positive impact on the environment, culture, and economy of the destinations we visit. We work to make destinations more accessible in a responsible way, and our vision is rooted in the belief that we can improve our world through tourism. 

Travel has the power to transform not only the traveler, but also our world. This belief forms the foundation of our business. We have a deep commitment to protecting and preserving the destinations we visit, and building a better world through sustainable travel.

Economic Responsibility

We start by focusing our tours during the off season, which creates economic stability in the tourism sector. By booking directly through our local partners, guides, encouraging clients to buy local souvenirs, and staying at locally owned & operated lodges, not only do our travelers have better experiences, but as much money as possible stays in the destination.

To date, 90.31% of the full cost of all tours booked with Off Season Adventures has gone directly back into the local economies. With international airfare included in the package cost, 71.07% of our clients’ tours has gone back into the local economies. These flights are not booked by Off Season Adventures, but is helpful in understanding the full picture.

Social Responsibility

We reserve 5% of our clients’ total package cost to invest in the local communities and environment through our partnering 501(c)(3) Second Look Worldwide. These investments are tangible projects which our clients can see during their trip. All projects are determined by the communities and dependent on their most direct needs, however, we are focusing on projects that support water management solutions.

We recently completed our first community initiative, the Kakoi Water Project, a project that will provide a year-round source of water to the village of Kakoi and its surrounding communities, including three other villages, two schools, and a dispensary. By supporting these local communities that border Tarangire National Park in Tanzania, we contribute to their well-being and encourage them to make an extra effort to protect animals in the area.

Environmental responsibility

We operate on a completely paperless basis when communicating with clients and our contacts on the ground, recycle all plastic bottles from the tours, and invest in conservation of local forests.

For the majority of our destinations, we reserve a portion of the tours to support the World Resources Institute. WRI’s mission is to move human society to live in ways that protect Earth’s environment and its capacity to provide for the needs and aspirations of current and future generations.

Specifically in Tanzania, our partners at Carbon Tanzania conserve huge tracts of forested land in Tanzania. Their Yaeda Valley REDD+ Project is what we have contributed to since the inception of Off Season Adventures. The Yaeda Valley is an area that the Hadzabe tribe have called home for thousands of years. This not only has a positive environmental impact, but also has a positive impact on the local population of the Hadzabe.

Travelers Code of Conduct

We provide accurate pre-trip information concerning the destination countries specific to a particular trip including the social and political situation.

We encourage travelers to purchase locally produced goods and utilizing local services such as souvenirs, crafts, meals, guides, and establishments. These all can enhance the traveler experience and have a positive impact in the destination.

We encourage travelers to reduce waste and consumption wherever possible. Limiting water usage by actions like taking shorter showers and declining bedding changes can be very beneficial to our destinations.

We require all travelers to respect the local customs and traditions of the destination. Being mindful of our actions abroad always results in a better experience while traveling.