5 Surprising Facts About Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country nestled within the Himalayan mountain range and sandwiched between India and Tibet. It boasts incredible trekking trails, the spectacular Mount Everest, and a stunning combination of cultural influences from Buddhism and Hinduism. The vibrant, colorful landscapes are awe-inspiring, and there is no better time to take it all in than in the off season.

We, at Off Season Adventures, are excited to be explaining into Nepal and thought we might share a list of 5 interesting things about this outstanding part of the world. Read more here.  

Vision of Off Season Adventures

The desire to create Off Season Adventures developed from my first trip to Tanzania. I went in March, which is during the off season (also called the green season) and immediately fell in love with the people, landscape, and wildlife. Nothing could have prepared me for the majesty of it all and I knew I had to create an accessible way for people to learn about and travel to Tanzania... Read more here.

So, Why the Off Season?

Because it's the best time to travel! There are so many reasons why the off season is truly the most unique time to travel to any destination. There are often less tourists, activities are more affordable, and locals that depend on tourism love visitors during this time. Because of these reasons and more, Tanzania is one of the best countries to go during the off season. Here's our list why... Read more here.

Boston Globe Travel Show Highlights

It is always wonderful to go back to Boston. After a decade of living in or just outside the city, moving to the New York City area last year was definitely bitter-sweet. Boston knows how to get things done with charm, and the Boston Globe Travel Show was no exception. (Don't tell NYC!)

Read more here.

New York Times Travel Show Highlights

Until this past weekend, I'd never been to the New York Times Travel Show before and was very excited to represent Off Season Adventures. Friday's itinerary consisted of panel discussion on various topics, while Saturday and Sunday were open to the public for them to walk around and get inspired about their next destination. As soon as I walked through the doors that morning, into the hundreds of people and under the towering ceiling, I knew it was going to be a fantastic time.

Read more here.

Bridging the Gap Between Sustainability and Travel

Many people have asked me why I started Off Season Adventures. The quick answer is that I love to travel and want to give others the opportunity to experience interesting places around the globe. However, there is another main reason why I formed the company. After studying the tourism industry, I began to notice, as I’m sure many people have, that there is often a gap between sustainability and travel. To explain this concept, I believe there needs to be a bit of an introduction. I’ll be using this new series of posts to discuss not only the beauty of the destinations where OSA travels, but also give some insight into the tourism industry in order to shed light on the reasons why I’ve structured the business as it is. Read more here.

Connectivity and Acceptance: What could Africa mean for you?

Originally published on May 18, 2016 on tannercknorr.com.  Interview with Sarah Jill on March 6, 2016.

Six months after graduating college, Sarah Jill decided she would fulfill her dream of traveling and volunteering abroad.  She found two programs which would accomplish both goals: GVI and G Adventures.  Through GVI, she would volunteer her time teaching preschool in South Africa followed by an eight-country backpacking and camping tour with G Adventures.  This three-month excursion would be the catalyst for so many wonderful, frightening, and transformative events to come...  Read more here.

Volunteering Abroad in Uganda

Originally published on February 22, 2016 on culturewithtravel.com.

Jess didn’t know why exactly she wanted to go to Uganda, but she was definitely excited. She was excited for the unknown, but didn’t know what to expect. Her father had traveled to Africa when he was younger, so perhaps a little of her desire was to follow in his footsteps. In her high school years, Jess participated in a student ambassadors program in Japan, but this experience, she said, couldn’t have prepared her for the foreign culture in Uganda... Read more here.

Africa: Don’t let fear hold you back

Originally published on Voy Study Abroad on September 23, 2015

As I turned the corner, there he sat. His dead stare rendered me unable to move, unable to breathe. I froze as I tried to remember what the guide instructed us to do in this situation. I remembered nothing — my mind was as empty as the space between us. I noticed another set of eyes, and another, and another. The main figure was completely visible from where I stood, able to thrust forward at any moment. The others were hidden in trees. Feeling my heartbeat from every part of my body, I slowly stepped back. He remained a statue... Read more here.

What could travel mean for you?

Originally published on Voy Study Abroad on July 7, 2015.

Growing up in San Diego, my family and I would travel to Mexico fairly regularly. Albeit Americanized, Baja California had so many sounds, tastes, and people that were different from our own. My sister and I both grew up with an appreciation of the Mexican culture, especially because of my mother’s fondness of Cesar Chavez and his arduous, selfless fight toward unionization in the Californian grape fields. I suppose you could say this was the beginning of my wanderlust and desire to learn about other cultures... Read more here.