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Grow with us as we continue to expand sustainable travel around the world. All tour packages are completely customizable to ensure you have the best possible Tanzanian adventure. More tours coming soon to spark your inspiration!

Featured Tours:

Tanzania Yoga Retreat

(8 Day Tour)

Come join me in utopia for a mesmerizing week of yoga, meditation, delicious food, fun, relaxation, wildlife fascination and cultural excursions.

The Sustainable Traveler

(10 Day Tours)

Experience the ultimate Northern Tanzania wildlife and cultural package with The Sustainable Traveler. Fully immerse yourself into the beautiful landscape and hospitable local communities.

The Environmentalist

(8 Day Tours)

The Environmentalist package is a great way to immerse yourself in the wildlife and culture of Tanzania.

Classic Safaris & Cultural Experiences:

The Conservationist

(9 Day Tours)

Explore the highlights and unique excursions of Northern Tanzania with The Conservationist packages.

The Naturalist

(7 Day Tours)

Only have a week? No problem! The Naturalist packages are perfect for you.

The Sightseer

(6 Day Tours)

Hopping between countries, but still want to see the highlights of Tanzania? Try The Sightseer packages.

The Excursionist

(3 Day Tours)

Only have time for a few days in Tanzania? Take a look at The Excursionist tours.

The Daytripper

(1/2 & Full Day Tours)

Have an extra day in Arusha and not sure how to maximize the time? The Daytripper tours are perfect for you.  Combine two half day tours for a full day experience.

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