We strive to curate the best locally-owned and operated tour companies for all of our destinations. By working closely together with our partners, we help to build a genuine, immersive, and safe experience for our travelers when abroad.

We are also working with some of the best companies around to help bring light to the sustainable tourism industry and transform it into an industry which is economically and environmentally productive.

If your organization would like to partner with us for tour operations, media, or for us to sponsor a project through our tours, contact us today!

Partner with us

Dry to Green Adventure is a fully registered company and licensed by the government of Tanzania to carry tourists through all areas of Tanzania.  We partner with Dry to Green Adventure because their professional driver guides have decades of experience and they offer unrivaled hospitality to our clients while in Tanzania.

NEPAL Partners

Royal Mountain Travel, a Nepal based sustainable tour operator established in 2005, is a community of travel experts dedicated to preserving local culture and environment to deliver authentic and meaningful vacation to travelers. RMT offers the best indigenous and community-oriented tours and treks in Nepal.


Pagumen is register with the Ethiopian Investment Agency as Grade One Tour Operator. Their aim is to address the missing link in the conventional tour and travel operations in Ethiopia. Pagumen was founded by 38 charismatic, visionary and innovative entrepreneurs, who want to contribute for the transformation of Ethiopian tourism. They have more than 1200 shareholders spread all over the world, which is an opportunity for the company and for our customers carrying the Pagumen flag.

TUNISIA Partners

PromoTunisia specializes in cultural and historical discovery of Tunisia, specifically small group itineraries led by Tunisian Historians. The organization and team in Tunis, Tunisia are well aware of the keys to success for such a trip, and the significance of your journey to you as a traveler, and to them as promoters of the image of Tunisia to US travelers.

UGANDA Partners

Africa Sustainable Tourism Care Foundation (ASTCF) was established by a diverse and passionate group of local people as a grassroots, a non-profit tourism NGO to focus on the conservation of biodiversity and development of rural communities in high tourism potential areas in Uganda to supplement household incomes through a diverse and holistic sustainable tourism practices and other environmental sustainable businesses to alleviate poverty, fight gender inequality, empower local communities, and in particular disadvantaged groups (women, youth, ethnic people), and encourage the conservation of cultural and natural heritage. At Africa Sustainable Tourism Care Foundation we link tourism to conservation, cultural heritage, and sustainable rural development to enhance livelihoods and enrich Uganda’s tourism product. We work directly with communities to understand the obstacles they face and provide solutions specific to their needs. These solutions provide jobs, conservation training, educational opportunities, and, ultimately, the ability for people to better their own lives.


Explore the best Africa has to offer in Business & Tourism. This series, scheduled to be released in 2020, is using the power of video storytelling to showcase & promote the best Africa has to offer in business and tourism for the US market. The partners on this project are: Off Season Adventures, Ethiopian Airlines, Bordernation Media, Center Africa Broadcasting Network Corporation (CABNC-TV), The Diaspora Today Magazine, Afroland TV, and The African Union, along with support from a many African embassies & tourism boards and ministries. Find out more here.


My Impact Host is the first community of impact travel consultants transforming the travel industry into a force for good. My Impact Host is part of Myght Travel Network, which is the first marketplace for curated and sustainable travel experiences. We proudly have partnered with these organizations to support us and allow us to offer amazing tourism products abroad. Find out more here.


Carbon Tanzania not only conserves forests and contributes to climate change mitigation, but they also promote the sustainable development for some of the poorest communities in Africa, especially in the Yaeda Valley in Tanzania.  We use Carbon Tanzania to offset all carbon emissions created from our clients’ flights, hotels, and safari vehicles.  Find out more here.