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Do you have an idea for a special tour that you’d like help arranging? Awesome! Whether you’re a travel agent or want to be a chaperone for a group trip, Off Season Adventures makes it easy for you to plan your perfect trip.
Read more about the OSA Chaperone Experience & contact us to build your perfect small group trip for your friends, family, or organization.
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Off Season Adventures is a sustainable off season tour operator providing memorable and affordable experiences to travelers while respecting the local communities and wildlife of each destination. As we continue to expand sustainable travel around the world, we have the ability to customize our tour packages to ensure you have the best possible adventure. As a chaperone, you have an opportunity to share these memorable experiences with your clients and colleagues while we do the rest. As you prepare for these life-changing adventures, there are a few ideas and reminders we would like to go over with you.

As a chaperone and facilitator on this adventure, you can expect…

Tour guides who are prepared to deliver 100% of the client experience.

We provide tour guides with the training and expertise they need to deliver on our commitment to the client experience. We will discuss your ideal level of involvement at the start of your trip. You can be as involved – or uninvolved – in the delivery of the tour as you choose.

Off Season Adventures goes to great lengths to ensure all aspects of program operations run safely and smoothly. For this reason, when our tour guides determine an activity is not feasible, responsible, or safe, their insight should be respected and acted upon accordingly.

Open lines of communication throughout the trip.

Starting with your pre-trip conference call and continuing throughout the trip, you will be invited to meet regularly with our agents to discuss the program itinerary and logistics, group dynamics or behavior, and plans for activities and discussions. These discussions can even continue to take place at the start and end of each day while traveling.

Pre-travel guidance and enrollment support.

We try to make enrolling in an Off Season Adventure as easy and customizable as possible. If you want to manage all pre-trip communications and preparation, you have the flexibility to do so. We are here to help you along the way. Off Season Adventures requires the use of our enrollment forms to ensure all necessary documents are completed, but you can remain the point of contact for your clients and customize the documents with a logo or pictures. If you don’t want the hassle of managing enrollment compliance then we’ll do this work for you. It’s up to you!

A professional support team to lean on in case of an emergency.

As the chaperone, you are most familiar with your clients, and they will naturally turn to you in case of an emergency. Your role is an integral component of our emergency response procedure, and in the unlikely event of an emergency, our team may call on your assistance and work within your preferred communication structure. While we can facilitate phone calls, communicate directly with a client’s emergency contact, or provide any type of support you may need, we request that you please remain accessible to the group throughout the trip and refrain from using drugs and alcohol.

Focus on Sustainable Travel

Finally, we want to remind you of Off Season Adventures’ commitment to global sustainability.

  • We start by focusing our tours during the off season, which creates economic stability in the tourism sector.
  • We operate on a completely paperless basis when communicating with clients and our contacts in country.
  • We carbon offset all emissions from our client’s flights, ground transportation, and lodges, and recycle all plastic bottles from the tours.
  • We reserve 5% of our clients’ total package cost to give back to the communities & wildlife surrounding the destinations through our partnering 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Second Look Worldwide.  These community and environmental investments are tangible projects which our clients can experience during their trip. All projects are determined by the communities and dependent on their most direct needs, with a focus on supporting water management solutions.

Our goal is to provide lasting, positive impact on the environment, culture, and economy of the destinations we visit. We work to make destinations more accessible in a responsible way, and our vision is rooted in the belief that we can improve our world through tourism.

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